Trying To Avoid Getting A Title Loan? Here Are 4 Less Expensive Options

Before you go knocking on a title loan lender’s door, consider other options for your short cash needs. Even if you think you’ve exhausted all conventional lending resources, there still may be other options you haven’t tapped into yet.  Try to think back many years ago before title loans became an option. What could you do? Besides family and friends, you could:

  • Go to religious institutions: Often times, these places can offer help and will do so if you ask. They don’t usually publicize this help. It’s something that you’ll have to go and ask for.
  • Try local community groups: Just like religious institutions, community groups sometimes have emergency funds for people in need. Try asking both the large ones and small ones.
  • Ask your employer for a paycheck advance: With the way payroll is set up nowadays, this may be a stretch, but still worth trying.
  • Go to a credit union: Credit unions may be able to offer a small amount for a much better rate than a title loan company would.
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